The N ° 5 of the series

les petits faiseurs is composed of rose associated with sandalwood.

Delicate floral notes of rose, as well as warm and woody base notes of sandalwood. A perfect balance of scents to share a cosy and romantic moment.


The candles handpoured in our workshop in Geneva, are made from ecological rapeseed wax without GMOs, delicately scented, with a pure cotton wick which ensures clean combustion and excellent perfume restitution. The wax is poured into pretty amber apothecary jars with lids.


The burning time of the candle is approximately 40 hours.

CLASSIC size 180gr



Do not allow a candle to burn unattended.


Do not burn the candle for more than 3 consecutive hours.


To extinguish the candle, immerse the wick in the melted wax.


As soon as the wax is cold, put the wick back in the center of the candle and cut to 5 mm