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N ° 13 grapefruit patchouli from Les Petits Faiseurs, is a candle combining grapefruit and patchouli scents.

The grapefruit with bitter and green notes, mixes perfectly with patchouli which has a powerful odor, at the same time woody, earthy and dry with smoky accents.

N°13 can appeal to women as well as men.


The candles handpoured in our workshop in Geneva, are made from ecological rapeseed wax without GMOs, delicately scented, with a pure cotton wick which ensures clean combustion and excellent perfume restitution. The wax is poured into pretty amber apothecary jars with lids.


The burning time of the candle is approximately 30 hours.



Ne pas laisser une bougie brûler sans surveillance.


Ne pas faire brûler la bougie plus de 3 heures consécutives.


Pour éteindre la bougie, plongez la mèche dans la cire fondue .


Dès que la cire est froide, remettre la mèche au centre de la bougie et coupez à 5 mm

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